Tuesday, November 25, 2014

review: Zoella Beauty

I really like Zoe Sugg and therefore couldn’t resist buying almost everything her Zoella Beauty collection has to offer.

review: Zoella Beauty

I placed two separate orders on Feelunique and they both took forever to arrive. But I am not complaining since shipping was free. It also took me a while to work my way through testing all the products before doing a proper review on them.

review: Zoella Beauty

Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream
I had a very hard time opening the bottle which is sealed with some aluminum foil thing that is very hard to get off... But when you come to the actual produkt it is worth the struggle. This is the first shower cream I ever had looks beautiful itself. The actual gel/cream has a very pale pink color with a slight shimmer. Thankfully the shimmer doesn’t stay on your body when you shower. The smell is very fresh and maybe even bloomy. I like it a lot because it is not too overwhelming and not sweet. Also the name “soak opera” hello!? Winner!

review: Zoella Beautyreview: Zoella Beauty

Fizz Bar
As expected from Zoe (the Lush addict) there are more bathing products. Again same smell as the rest of the line. I have never used a fizz bar before so I didn’t know what to expect. What made me laugh though was the “do not eat” sticker on the fizz bar itself. Yes it smells really good but not like something I would want to eat. Not like pretty much any Lush product I own… But I guess you can never be too careful.

review: Zoella Beauty

Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist
Again cute name! Well done, Zoe (and her team)! The fragrance smells exactly like the shower cream. Well, the entire line smells the same. But can we talk about the bottle? I have to admit I bought this one just to have the bottle. The only thing that would have kept me from buying it would have been an awful smell. But I bought the shower cream before the body mist, so I knew what it would smell like. It is, as I already said, a very light and fresh smell that would also be ok for young teenagers to wear. Who I guess they are the main audience.

review: Zoella Beauty

"Eyes" Beauty Bag
LOVE! I am thinking about getting the guinea pig beauty bag as well, because I am so in love with this one. I really like the color and the polka dots. And who doesn’t love those beautiful eyes? The size is pretty big actually so you can fit lots of make up in it. Unfortunately my make up brushes don’t fit.. But I am thinking of using it to organize my purse.

review: Zoella Beauty

Let’s Glow Fragranced Candle
A candle fan like me couldn’t pass on this. What sense would that make? Again adorable packaging and signature smell. When you burn the candle you can smell it but it is not too overwhelming. I would have liked a slightly stronger scent though, just an notch. I also expected the candle to be bigger. Honestly I was a little disappointed when I saw it for the first time. But luckily I bought three :)

So this is all and I have to say. Well done Zoe! Also the pricing is totally acceptable with the body mist being the most expensive at  €12,35.

I don’t know if I will repurchase any of the products but they were fun to test and an eye catcher never the less.

Monday, November 17, 2014

so tiny

A short entry for extra small things.

I don’t know why but anything tiny is adorable. On Friday I received my Glossybox and with it the cutest sample size perfume I have ever seen. Not one of those small spritzer-things that you usually get but what looked like a shrunken version of the actual perfume.

I instantly went looking for other tiny product samples I had and this is what I found. I never want to use them because looking at them is so much more satisfying.

Oh and the MAC lipstick is an original one. I put it in the picture so you'll get a better idea of how little and adorable these samples are.

Also with this perfume I might have found my fall and winter scent. Which is something I have never had before.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas is Lush

I might be late to the party but I finally made it into a Lush shop. Reading all the blog posts about the delicious Lush bath products made me itch to get some myself. I did try the Melting Snowman and the Butterball last year but this year I wanted to get some more. Armed with a list of products I sniffed my way through the store.

Covered from head to toe in glitter and smelling like Santa himself I left the store with half of what was on my list. I am very picky with scents and so (unfortunately or luckily for my wallet..) I didn't like them all... 



I red online that the Butterbear had the same vanilla-like fragrance as the Butterball which know I love. So this was a no brainer. And it is true. It smells like vanilla heaven with a fresh touch to it and not too sweet somehow. It is supposed to create a creamy soft bath and nourish and protect your skin. I also love the look of it! It is simple enough for every bear to look the same. Also, who wouldn’t want to bathe with a vanilla polar bear?



I have two of them. One I bought myself and one I got for free with my purchase. Score! Anyway. This bath bomb is smaller than the usual one and cheaper of course. Lush sais it smells like almond, cinnamon and sweet orange. I can't really make out the different scents but it does smell very Christmassy, fresh and lovely. It is also supposed to have popping candy in it which is supposed to make crackling sounds when you put it in the water. I will definitely be listening to my water like a child when I put it in.

Holly Golightly

This is an absolute beauty! I can’t get over how pretty it is! It will probably make my entire bathroom glitter for weeks but that’s fine since I will be in the Christmas spirit pretty soon. The Lush-woman told me that I can get up to four uses out of this one bar so there will be lots of time for glitter baths. It is made out of patchouli oil, Persian lime oil, clove leave oil and sweet orange oil. I guess you – like me – have absolutely no idea what that could possibly smell like. I do smell the clove and the orange but that is pretty much it.

Melting Snowman

I was waiting for this bath melt since I bought it last year and fell in love. It smells like almond, cocoa and cinnamon. It is sweet and spicy and perfect. You will have the most relaxing oil bath you have ever had. Last year I was so tempted to lick its eyes to see if it was real chocolate. It felt and smelled so much like real eatable chocolate. But I didn’t do it. Maybe if I feel brave and childish enough I’ll try this time. I bought two so I will have plenty opportunities.

Shoot for the Stars

I can’t wait to use this bath bomb. It is supposed to paint the swirling colors of the night sky over the surface of your bathwater. Sounds like a lot of fun to watch! It smells sweet like honey and something else I can’t quite make out. It is huge but you can only use it for one bath, I was told. So I will have some special bath time with it.

I can’t wait for the weekend so I can take my first Christmassy Lush bath! *so excited*

Monday, November 10, 2014

the Holy Grail of hot chocolate

Generally I am not a big fan of chocolate in general but this dark hot chocolate is amazing!

Yesterday I passed a Lindt shop and went in just to have a look at all the Christmassy stuff. Usually walking in a shop selling nothing but chocolate is not very dangerous because I am simply not that much into chocolate. After a while I caught myself looking for this really good drinking-chocolate I had last year which my boyfriend told me was from Zotter. Ooops…

But what I found was just as good if not better. A while ago my boyfriend told me a mythical story about a hot chocolate he had in Italy that was so extra chocolaty and so thick in consistency, he almost couldn’t drink it. Since then I always wanted to try that exact one. I don’t like the common hot chocolate that consists of milk and whole milk chocolate powder. So this unbelievable chocolaty dark hot chocolate sounded amazing.

Yesterday I found something that came very close to what I was looking for. I started with heating 100ml milk and put the powder of the package in. Then I cooked it until it had the desired consistency. Depending on how thick you like your hot chocolate you could add more milk or don’t heat it as long. But I took my time heating until it was super creamy and yummy.

And oh my god, I have to tell you I was in chocolate heaven! I made a small cup of wonderful thick and creamy dark hot chocolate that was perfection. When I was half through I added some cinnamon and found the Holy Grail.

I am sure this is not for everyone but I am in love.

Monday, November 3, 2014

let's talk shampoo

Who would have thought it would be so hard to find a shampoo that I love?

I am currently trying to cut down the amount of money I spend on beauty products. It is so easy to spend more and more money on more and more fancy things. I had to stop now before I went anymore overboard.

These are the shampoos I have gone through while trying to spend less money. As you can see from the prices it was quite a process.

I am looking for products that give me volume. My hair goes down to my waist so it loses every volume it would naturally have. It also tends to get greasy roots very fast but stays super dry at the ends. This is what I’ve gone through.

Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo € 25,00 (250ml)
What a waste of money. My roots felt like I forgot to wash out my conditioner, which I would never put on my roots in the first place. I guess it was completely over-treating my hair. (is that a word?) I haven’t finished the bottle till this day because I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work.

Matrix Biolage for dry hair € 16,70 (200ml)
This was in my Glossybox so I technically didn’t spend any money on it. I was very skeptical because it is for dry hair and I definitely don’t need that. But when I ran out of shampoo I thought I’d give it a go and I actually liked it. It didn’t give me any volume obviously but it does make my ends less dry without making my roots gross.

Hildegard Braukmann Jeunesse Volume shampoo € 8,95 (200ml)
This is my favorite shampoo that I am trying to replace it by a more affordable one. Yes, I know that € 8,95 is not the world but for now it is just too much money to spend on something I go through so quickly. This shampoo volumizes, keeps my roots clean and my ends hydrated and it is silicone free. Winner!

Herbal Essence Volume Wonder € 3,29 (250ml)
I really liked the fruity smell of nectarine and something else but unfortunately it didn’t do anything for volumizing my hair. Also my roots got greasy very quickly. There was no way I would have gotten away with not washing my hair for a day.

Herbal Essence Clearly Naked Volume € 3,29 (250ml)
The smell was more minty than grapefruity. This was my first paraben and silicon free shampoo and I have to say I didn’t notice any difference. It was maybe a bit more volumizing than the other essence shampoo. But the biggest difference was that it didn’t make my hair go greasy as fast. With a little dry shampoo I was able to go a day without washing my hair.

I am currently looking for a new shampoo to try so if you have any recommendations, let me know!