Tuesday, January 10, 2017

review: Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

This is hands down the Bentley of hair dryers. I can't believe I actually own this beauty.

When I opened my boyfriend's Christmas present I couldn't believe my eyes. What in the world had he done?? I could barely contain my excitement. The next minute a million questions popped into my head. Why did he spend so much money on me? What if there is nothing special about this hair dryer? Will I have to lie about it from now on? What if I hate it? You see my excitement quickly gave way to panic. ;)

Ok, calm down. Let's start at the beginning. I've been debating on getting a new hair dryer for over a year now. My old one is not only pretty beat up but also gets extremely hot and can't be turned back on during use. I had a hard time deciding on a new hair dryer and was probably going to go with one from Phillips in white. It has good reviews and is pretty to look at. But for some reason I never ordered it. Well in the end it has been kicked in the ass.

Let's talk about some details.
My beautiful new exquisit - I had to use the word at some point ;) - baby is light grey/white and therefore so much prettier than the dark grey/pink one. Sorry but it's the truth. I didn't even know there were different colors available. Well done, boyfriend!
It comes with three different attachments that snap on magnetically so there is no twisting and tugging to get them on/off. It’s the easiest thing in the world to change them. The smoothing nozzle dries and styles. It is a bit wider than the styling concentrator, which offers even more precision. The diffuser helps to define curls and reduce frizz. It also reduces the airflow which is nice. But to be honest I haven't properly used any of them. Because a) I don't style my hair I just blow dry it upside down and b) I don't have curls...

Speaking about airflow.. Wow! This thing is extremely powerful! It almost literally blows your mind. Compared to this hurricane my old device was a light and gentle burning hot breeze. My hair dries so much faster! At first I had some problems with knots in my hair due to the powerful air flow. Which was weird because my hair never gets knotty. But after a haircut that got rid of all my unhealthy ends my problem solved itself. 

This beauty is light weight, very well balanced (quote bf) and easy to handle. On its highest heat level it is not nearly as hot as my old blow dryer. On the Dyson website it says its maximum heat is about 100°C which is pretty cold for a hair dryer. Keep in mind 100°C is still hot, don't get me wrong! But in comparison it's "cold". The device itself doesn’t get hot at all not matter how long you use it, only the very front heats up. It is supposed to have intelligent heat control so it doesn’t heat damage your hair and makes it shinier. I can’t really tell if my hair is shinier but there are a lot less flyaways. It also takes me about half the time to blow dry my very long hair. I love it! And because the device doesn’t get as hot I don’t get as hot and don’t feel like I am leaving a sauna when I am done.

When my boyfriend was bragging about how much I would love my gift he also said it was not only a present for me but for him too. I thought he was talking about some baking stuff. When I opened my gift I didn't quite get what he was talking about. He air dries his hair.. Well he meant the volume. It's supposed to be very quiet. I would say that's half true. It is a lot quieter than my old device but I wouldn't consider it "quiet". Now my boyfriend can watch TV without having to turn up the volume when I blow dry my hair as long as I close the door. He said he would compare the sound volume to me taking a shower which is not bad at all.

It also comes with a non-slip mat. Not a bad idea. I would hate myself for knocking it off the shelf by accident. Last but not least there is a storage hanger which I haven't attached yet.

I am absolutely in love with my new baby. I literally can’t wait to blow dry my hair. It sounds completely stupid but it’s the truth. It's so pretty. I feel so fancy using it and it does a damn good job.

Would I have ever bought it for myself? No. Unless I won the lottery. ;)

Is the price justified? NO. For € 399,- I would expect it to be almost soundless and by that I mean being able to watch TV while drying your hair in the same room.

Do I think it is the best blow dryer in the world? No idea. Although I doubt there is that much difference to much cheaper alternatives.

Would I exchange it for another blow dryer? Hell no! It is my precious baby and I refuse to live without it anymore! ;)

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