Saturday, December 31, 2016

Memory Jar

Time for a last minute quickie. ;)

mamory jar 2017

I had this idea from Pinterest. Of course. Where else would I ever get any inspiration from?

If you are invited to a new year's party or birthday and still need a cute, quick but thoughtful gift, here you go.

memory jar 2017

What you need:
  • a jar
  • "Memory Jar" label 
  • colored masking tape
  • note paper to write memories on
  • ribbons for decoration
  • a pen
  • optional: inspirational quote

Cut out the label, the quote and lots of note paper. You can create your own notes, use whatever you can find in your drawers, post-its or my free pintables.Tape the label on the jar with any colored masking tape. Put the note paper in the jar. Decorate the outside however you want. Don't forget to attatch the pen.


Have fun! And tag me on Instagram if you recreate my Memory Jar.

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