Monday, February 6, 2017

Scrappy Little Nobody

review Scrappy Little Nobody
After listening to “Scrappy Little Nobody” I adore Anna Kendrick. Let me rephrase that… After a few minutes into this book I was in love with Anna Kendrick.

It’s probably a good read by itself but Anna makes the stories come to life with her unique way of talking, enthusiasm and authenticity. You relive the funny parts and cringe through the awkward parts with her. I almost felt like a friend was sitting next to me talking about some crazy stuff that happened to her.

Usually I am very late to the party but this time I managed to “read” a book that just came out in November. I say “read” and I will continue using that term but I mean listen. I spend about two hours every day on public transportation and since I, without fail, miss my station when I read I decided to listen to audio books.

The book is a collection of funny anecdotes of Anna’s life on her way to fame and success. I actually laughed out loud multiple times while I was in public. I guess that qualified me as the crazy person on the bus that day. The part she talks about losing a nipple to the cold for art during a scene for Twilight I replayed more times than I would ever admit. And yes, she actually was in Twilight. Who knew? To be honest I did look up a picture of the movie for confirmation and the second I realized who she played I had one of those oooooooooh-moments. Don’t act like you don't want to do the same thing right now!

I only knew Anna from Pitch Perfect. If that just triggered your second oh-moment, you’re welcome!

The only thing I couldn’t relate to were the stories about being super short and looking much younger than you actually are. I am tall and have pretty much always looked my age if not older. Actually that’s not true.. I can’t relate to being a singer or performer on stage, moving out at the age of 17, and so on. Ok, I guess that was a bad way to put it. I can’t relate to her stories or her life but I do completely get her personality.

So what are you supposed to do now? Buy the book? No. Download an audio book app and listen to it! If you want my suggestion Audible offers a 30 day free trial meaning you get to download one audio book for free. When you’re done with the book you can sign off, delete the app and never listen to another book. Again you’re welcome.

Warning! You might get addicted like I did… But I don’t take responsibility for that! ;)

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