Monday, November 10, 2014

the Holy Grail of hot chocolate

Generally I am not a big fan of chocolate in general but this dark hot chocolate is amazing!

Yesterday I passed a Lindt shop and went in just to have a look at all the Christmassy stuff. Usually walking in a shop selling nothing but chocolate is not very dangerous because I am simply not that much into chocolate. After a while I caught myself looking for this really good drinking-chocolate I had last year which my boyfriend told me was from Zotter. Ooops…

But what I found was just as good if not better. A while ago my boyfriend told me a mythical story about a hot chocolate he had in Italy that was so extra chocolaty and so thick in consistency, he almost couldn’t drink it. Since then I always wanted to try that exact one. I don’t like the common hot chocolate that consists of milk and whole milk chocolate powder. So this unbelievable chocolaty dark hot chocolate sounded amazing.

Yesterday I found something that came very close to what I was looking for. I started with heating 100ml milk and put the powder of the package in. Then I cooked it until it had the desired consistency. Depending on how thick you like your hot chocolate you could add more milk or don’t heat it as long. But I took my time heating until it was super creamy and yummy.

And oh my god, I have to tell you I was in chocolate heaven! I made a small cup of wonderful thick and creamy dark hot chocolate that was perfection. When I was half through I added some cinnamon and found the Holy Grail.

I am sure this is not for everyone but I am in love.

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