Tuesday, October 21, 2014

hairy worries

It is a very personal matter but somehow I feel quite passionate about it. Hair care. And by that I don’t mean taking care of the hair on your head but getting rid of body hair.

I think I can say that I’ve tried every possible way there is to get rid of my body hair. This sounds so gross, like I am a hairy monster.

Let's talk about what I've gone through.

Oldy but goodie. Although somehow I always manage to cut myself and even chop off part of a nail sometimes. You’re wondering how on earth I do that? I have no idea. But shaving my legs requires more of my attention than I like to admit. Don’t even get me started on cutting myself accidently…
And after shaving my legs feel so dry that I have to run for some body butter immediately. Not to mention that it is a never ending story. For perfectly smooth legs I’d have to shave every single day. Who has time for that? Thank god it’s getting colder and I can hide my legs in some pants.

Hair removal cream
It stinks, it irritates your skin and who ever said the result lasts longer than shaving never tried it themselves. And whatever happens DON’T try it on any delicate area. Just don’t. I haven’t tried it myself but I doubt it’s gonna be pretty. Only thinking about the fact that this cream is burning your hair off and even sinking into your skin to get closer to the root is an alarming thought. Who would voluntarily put something acidly on their skin?

You might as well call it instrument of torture. It growls like a monster when you turn it on and then it rips your hair out piece by piece and doesn’t even get them all. Do I need to say more?
A friend of mine told me that you just have to get used to it but I just couldn’t do it. To me it hurts and sounds like hell. Ripping your hair out piece by piece with tweezers is more pleasant, I suppose.

Yes, it means ripping out a lot of hair all at once and yes that hurts BUT you will be hair free for two weeks and then your hair will grow back thinner and the area where your hair grows might even thin out a little. If I had the money I would get my entire body waxed every month. I do get my bikini line (right word?) sugared every month and I couldn’t go without it. Sugaring means a few minutes of pain and weeks of being hair free. You can start with your arms or legs if you want to get used to it, but I tell you, there is nothing better than not having to shave and therefore no stinging hair “down under”. It might amaze you but the body part that sugaring hurt the most at – at least in my opinion – were my armpits. It felt like she ripped my entire underarm off. Oh my god! I would only do it again if I wanted to get it done regularly because than the hair will get thinner eventually..

If you want to have some fun try waxing one of your guy friend’s chest. I have rarely laughed so hard in my life!

Do you have any funny hair stories? Is there anything I haven’t tried? Let me know!

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