Tuesday, September 30, 2014

spot on: Sevenly

Sevenly is a company that raises money for a different cause every week by selling “unique and exclusive products”. Every seven days they support on another non-profit organization. Their products are created for that week’s cause only and are therefore limited edition. For every sold product Sevenly donates $7 to that week’s non-profit organization.

Their product range involves clothing, jewelry, prints, bags, accessories, etc. priced between $15 for a print to $100 for an iPhone4/4S Juice Pack Plus. But the price of the product doesn’t affect the donation of $7. On their website they say “$7.00 per sale is more than 25% of our total revenue (all products combined) (…) We do give $7.00 for every product sold. Not 6.99. Not $7.00 minus expenses. We give $7.00 cash, every time. Below is what the rest of our revenue is used for.”

In my opinion that is a whole lot more than it may sound like. I bought a racer back shirt a while ago and still love it. The material is very soft; the shirt is loose fit and still looks like it did on the day I got it. And shipping to Austria was no problem at all.

I also like that you can see on their homepage how much money was raised for this week’s cause and how much time there is left.

I love the idea of combining art with charity and will definitely support Sevenly again when I can.

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