Saturday, September 13, 2014

what a lovely duo

I don't remember how it hit me but when it did, it hit me hard. ;) *haha* What a phrase!

I have the very bad habit that when I like something a blogger or youtuber recommends or wears, I just have to do some research on it and most of the time buy it. This time it was Essie's “penny talk”. When I googled it I stumbled across a picture that was breath taking. That pretty much did it for me. I had to have this nail polish in my collection - especially because I already owned the glitter polish!

Unfortunately “penny talk” was limited edition. Great. But what would the world be without Amazon. Of course they have some in stock but there it now is €13,25. I can’t spend that much money on a nail polish. I mean I can but I really shouldn’t.

A few days later I saw Essie’s “buy me a cameo” in a drugstore and guess what? It was on sale! I googled comparisons of the two nail polishes and figured it was close enough. 
This is my interpretation of the lovely manicure from lackfein. I might have to practice my photography skills a little... But that's another story.