Monday, September 1, 2014

“summer edition” The Body Shop shock

I love and have been loving The Body Shop’s moringa scent for years. But this summer I discovered a new love. One of my favorite Youtubers raved about the vineyard peach bodybutter. She lives in the U.S. so I rarely am able to try things she recommends. But the next time I was at The Body Shop I gave it a go.
Oh my god I found my new favorite scent! Normally I don’t like the smell of peach other than the actual fruit but this time I fell in love with it and - of course - went home with the body butter.
A few weeks later I still couldn’t get enough of the smell and wanted to buy the shower gel. At the store I was told that the vineyard peach collection was out of stock and would not come back. I have to admit I did feel a slight hint of panic at that moment. Was this love story ending as sudden as it started?

No! I would not give up this quickly. I went online and saw they were still selling the peach shower gel. I have to admit I did get a little carried away and bought two vineyard peach shower gels, another body butter and the body lotion - just in case.

It is amazing what an effect the word “discontinued” can have on a person. I checked the Body Shop website today - weeks later - and you can still buy everything from the peach scented line. At least now I know I can use all the products up without having to panic again. ;)

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  1. I love body shop,their stuff are always amazing and smell good!
    Antonella :)